As a Belgian abroad

A few years ago, Ines Van Mele, renovated a “mas” (see the project here), a silkworm nursery from around 1660, in France. During the renovation process she discovered which obstacles could be encountered as a foreigner.

She experienced at firsthand how difficult it was to find suitable furniture and decoration and that the pace of work in many countries is different from ours.

From her own experience and passion for interiors, Satori Home was born: a unique concept in Belgium that focuses on making holiday homes ready for living throughout Europe.

It includes an A to Z service (discover our working method) that ranges from highquality furnishing, decorating and providing kitchen and household goods to the process of ordering, transport and installation within Europe.

In short: from the carpet in front of your door to the suitable perfume for your interior.

Make your holiday house a second home

Satori Home remains true to its own roots and works from the philosophy your home mirrors your soul.
After all, dedication to every little detail ensures a perfect experience of space and the creation of a second home.

We look forward to meeting you.