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Welcome at Satori Home,  

My name is Ines, interior designer, specialised in decorating your second home abroad from A to Z.

Having lived in Spain and the South of France for several years, I have first hand experience in dealing with the difficulties encountered when sourcing quality furnishings and accessories, which live up to our standards, locally. In some areas this proved to be near impossible.

The local furniture range is often limited, of poor quality, dated design and overpriced as shops might take advantage of the purchaser being foreign. On top of that the language barrier can be an extra hurdle to overcome as well.

In a nutshell, a lot of hassle you would want to and cán avoid.

At Satori Home we offer you an all-in-one solution.

During an introductory meeting, either on site or in your home country, we listen to your wishes and discover your taste with the aid of mood boards. After all, « your home mirrors your soul» is our core philosophy.

Based on this information, we develop a design plan, ensuring that the specifics are carefully considered and documented. After your approval, we get the process going, taking care of ordering, transportation, delivery and installation. 

We tend to your second home with the utmost care and pay attention to even the smallest details.

The only chore left for you is to unpack your bags, relax and enjoy!

I very much look forward to meeting you.

Image of the patio at the swimming pool

“Your home mirrors your soul”

It is a true art to create a harmonious unity in the interior of a home. We strive towards a symbiosis of appearance, ambiance, comfort and functionality. Profound devotion to every small detail, without losing sight of the big picture, creates a successful and perfect spatial experience. The focus is on the right choice of colour combinations, unique furniture, original accessories, light fixtures, fabrics, authentic materials, playful accents and textures.

At Satori Home we start from the philosophy of life and wisdom, that the home is a reflection of the personalities of its residents. Together with you, the customer, we strive to reflect this fundamental belief in your home.

With our knowledge, competence, passion, inspiration and sense of beauty seamlessly flowing together, we succeed to elevate interior design into true art.

Our goal is to create an inner experience of ‘coming home’, cosiness, and serenity.

What the eye can see, undoubtedly has a psychological influence on our frame of mind, our well-being. The senses play a crucial part in this. The interaction of colours, spatiality and light aim for the desired effect.

In our design we mainly use natural elements and raw materials. Warm shades combined with antique pieces. A soothing, timeless interior which creates a perfect balance between a natural, robust design and charming, homey cosiness.

All used and finished materials are chosen based on climatic, biological and ecological awareness.