Optimize your service to your customers

Offer your customers an exceptional extra service

As a real estate agent, you assist customers during their purchase of a home, holiday home or investment property. You guarantee them an excellent service. We make sure that this service to your customers reaches even further.

Our approach

Satori Home specializes in furnishing and decorating real estate throughout Europe.
We also take care of the furnishing of show houses.

The complete composition is done according to the taste, style and budget of your client.
We even take care of the entire process of ordering, transport and installation within Europe.

Our added value and asset

Persuade your customers to purchase real estate in Europe by also offering them a complete, personalised interior package.

We also provide the property with all the practical necessities to live comfortably, such as household goods, electrical and bathroom items.

In concrete terms, a partnership with Satori Home means an additional service to your customers, where they only have to unpack their suitcases.

Assets: :

  • Clients do not encounter language barriers; we arrange everything on site.
  • We work with different price ranges
  • No worries for you and your client, we take care of everything down to the last detail.
  • Saves time and money, because all appointments are made in the home country.

The added value of a personalized interior package when renting out

Also for the rental market a cooperation with Satori Home offers (you) a lot of advantages:

  • Due to a tasteful and professional interior, the occupancy rate will be higher.
  • The furnishing is done with quality and solid furniture that can take a beating.
  • Everything is thought of, so no complaints from tenants.
  • Smoother rental.

Curious about what Satori Home has in store for you as a real estate agent?

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